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Version: 1.1.02
Initial Release
Based in Cologne, Germany
Based in Cologne, Germany
 App Store (2022-02-23)
 /  Play Store (2022-02-23)
Puzzle / Casual / Family


Play hide and seek with Fredfred! Lamafox is a creative and surprising puzzle game for kids and adults. To find the cute lamafox you might need to use your device in unusual ways. Discover the innovative features of your smartphone or tablet and use them to your advantage. Can you find Fredfred in all levels?


** Description
In this lovingly designed game, the lamafox Fredfred is hiding in colorful levels and wants to play hide and seek with you. Lamafoxes like Fredfred are a rare mix of lamas and foxes and they love to hide. Try creative and fun approaches to find Fredfred. Along the way you'll meet adorable friends like the sheep, the snail or the bee who will help you in your search for Fredfred. The puzzles don't always have to be solved with your fingers only. Shake, tilt or rotate your device and don’t be afraid because there is no game over!

** A refreshing experience for young and old

Kids and adults alike can interact with the loving world of Lamafox in a haptic and playful way. Kids learn to combine, to abstract and to try out creative ways.


  • Explore colorful worlds with animal friends
  • Solve casual puzzles in playful ways
  • Have fun and get surprised



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About Epicsauerkraut Studio

Epicsauerkraut is a self-taught game development project by german artist Paul Kolvenbach aka Paintpaul. Under the name epicsauerkraut studio he produces minimalistic designed indie games and apps for mobile. As a solo developer, Paul is responsible for all aspects and for the flavor of the games. Next to game development he works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for films and games. He also teaches in the area of “Game Art and Design” at the HBK in Essen.

About Carlo Palazzari

The well-known animator Carlo Palazzari brought the fun and adorable movements of the characters of Lamafox to life.

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