we are an indie game studio based in Cologne Germany. we are Paul Kolvenbach (illustrator and concept artist for films and digital games) and Marcus Horn (gamedesigner: Kiwi 64, Unicorn Senpai Slap, Macbat 64). We focus on visually attractive minimalistic games for Mobile and PC .

always with the epic taste of sauerkraut!

the krauts:

Paul is a freelance illustrator and concept artist for films and digital games. in 2016 he startet epicsauerkraut to develop minimalistic games himself. paintpaul is mainly responsible for the look and the art of the sauerkraut games.

Marcus is making commercial games since 2012. starting out on Xbox 360’s indie market with some 16 bit styled arcade games and ending up on Steam in 2017 with a retro looking low poly 3D Platformer called Macbat 64. Marcus is mainly responsible for the game design.

together we cook up epicsauerkraut games!

in development:

the minimalistic one touch game KLOTZ will be released at gamescom 2018. in addition we are working on a multiplayer focused version of it. We also are currently in the pre-production phase of an AR-adventure game with renowned game designer Matt Kempke (The Pillars of the Earth, Daedalic).


klotz will be released in summer 2018




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