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Based in Cologne, Germany

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Q2 2020

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WATCH OUT - THE LOCH! LOCH is a hard löchriges shape game. Align the shapes correctly and get the highest score. Sounds easy? We will see! At first glance, LOCH looks very simple – like any hypercasual game. At second glance, it is still simple… Shapes have to be swiped into the correct orientation. But at third glance, the player will be surprised. Learned mechanics have to be forgotten and other mechanics have to be learned. Suddenly you have to turn the LOCH or maybe the shape disappears!


LOCH is the natural progression to KLOTZ and offers more depth and gameplay. The game is produced by the founder and solo developer Paul Kolvenbach. His focus is on minimalism, both in the visual design and in the simplicity of the game mechanics.


  • A free hyper-casual game with a LOCH!
  • Get the best score and compete with others!
  • A hard shape game with some twists!


LOCH alpha gameplay Vimeo


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4MB)

download logo files as .zip (66KB)

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About epicsauerkraut studio

Epicsauerkraut is an indie game studio based in Cologne Germany. The studio focuses on visually attractive and minimalistic hypercasual games for mobile. The illustrator and concept designer Paul Kolvenbach is the founder of the studio and is responsible for the taste of the games. After KLOTZ the next mobilegame LOCH is currently in production. A more complex adventure game for PC and console is being planned as well. Always with the epic taste of sauerkraut!

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LOCH - hard shape game Credits

Paul Kolvenbach
Designer + Artist + Developer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks